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A Poem For A Friend

Not much longer
will you have to be
the person who endures
lifes daily pains such as me
I glow in the wind
I shine like a star
but when you take a close look
the beauty only tranquils when from afar.
A memory of a stolen wish
regret and loss of hope
clinging to the edge
of a rapidly fraying rope
The only mark I have left
is a scar that will forever be
in the heart of the one who always stood by
but never did truly believe.
Yet another lost cause
chalk it up as a learning curve
then next encounter on your path
make the decision to swerve.
Gone but not forgotten
though things never to be the same
at least in your heart of hearts
you'll always remember my name.
What can you do now
you've been caused all this pain and strife
yet you have only seen ,
a mere fraction of this life
Your party awaits
in a different kind of it's own
those who are true to you
will make sure you will never again
feel alone.
You can smile and smile
and the tears will dissapear
you don't have to hide in yourself
you are only what you fear.
Don't follow in my footsteps
they will leave you in the rain
standing on the edge of your mind
drowning in a sea of pain
Never forget who you are
never lose that to be true
when everyone looks
all they will see is you.
Many sullen nights
you have cried yourself to sleep
I know what this is like
but for a different reason I weep.
I am a prisoner
only to myself
locked away in my own world
my life awaits on a shelf
You see in all of Gods beauty
he did create a wonderful being
and someday you will remember the harmony
of the song I used to sing.
So don't be afraid
you are not losing a friend
I'm merely transforming into a bird
so I can fly into the wind.
I am nothing but an image
of what you want to see
everyone looks to catch a glimpse
of the 'miracle' that is me.
I smile and smile
but the tears do not go away
my heart is dying slowly
and forever becomes 'someday'.
I thought you'd always believe in me
and never want for me to fall
and without a second glance
you turned and left it all.
I know what is true
I am nothing more than a disgrace
because when you look beneath the surface
there lies nothing more
than just a pretty face.

  <bgsound src="gump.wav"loop=infinite> Amy 2001

The girl with the scars

I've tried so hard to forget the pain.
On the day when I reach for the blade again.
My eyes fill with tears as you stare at me.
If I lift up my arms, what do you see?
You see scars and blood and pain.
While I feel release from the world again.
You call me a freak, you laugh when I cry.
Head hung low, you'll dance when I die.
You run to mummy to keep safe from harm.
Because I'm just the girl with the scars on her arm.
One day when you've gone to a lonely place,
and I'm still the girl with the scars on her face.
At least I'll be happy when you're lost in the stars
Because I'll be more than the girl with the scars.

Emma Thomas

Copyright 2001 Emma Thomas

And More to Come

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