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Local Merchant Listings offers local businesses a variety of online marketing solutions. Our entertainment guides provide local businesses an opportunity to promote their services to a defined local market. In addition to our city entertainment guides, provides our users free email and voice mail accounts, free web sites, free artist listings, online music and films, message boards, chat and games. No other city guide provides these additional services to attract active online users.
Free Merchant Listings provides merchants a free listing that includes business name, address and telephone number. Our only restriction is that your business must be related to the arts (books, music, visual arts, film, comic books, poetry or performing arts). Your business must have a physical retail presence in the city or surrounding area where your listing appears. Accepted merchants:

Books -  Book stores. Selling books and or comics must be your primary business.
Music -  Record stores, audio and video equipment retail stores and musical instrument retailers.
Live, DJ or Dance Music - Any venue (i.e. clubs, restaurants, theatre, music hall, amphitheater, casino etc.)  that has live, DJ or dance music at least 3 times a week.
Visual Art -  Art galleries, art supply stores or any retail business that displays visual art from independent artists for sell to the public.
Performing Arts - See Performing Arts..
Film - Movie theaters, video retail stores and audio and video equipment retail stores .
Free Event Listings
Ignome provide venues free event listings in our city calendars. Local businesses may submit artist appearances, book signings, film screenings, movies, music (DJ, live or dance), performing arts (dance and theatre), poetry readings and visual arts (shows and exhibits).  See List Your Events.
Premumim Merchant Placement Package
Our premium placement service provides businesses an opportunity to place your business listings and events in a prominent space ahead of our free business listings. Your listing and entertainment events will be placed in our preferred business sections. In addition, you receive free web space to promote your business. Your business receives the following:

Web Space (business page) - Your business receives a main page with a photo or logo. Your main page includes a summary about your business, hours, credit cards accepted, map directions and a link to your official business web site, if applicable.

Business listings - Your business listing will be placed in a prominent space ahead of our free business listings with a link to your business page.

Events Calendar - Your event listings (if applicable) will be placed in a prominent space ahead of our free event listings with a link to your business page.

Artist Listing Link - If an artist has a listing on ignome and has a show, exhibit or appearance at your business, a link from their appearances calendar to your business page will be provided.

Booking information Page (if applicable) - A page detailing your entertainment booking procedures with contact information

Our premium merchant placement package is cost effective. There are no setup fees. No long term contract, pay month to month. Our premium package is $40.00 per month but your first 2 months will be billed at only $20.00 per month.

Merchant Placement Package Notes:

If you have multiple locations in a city:
Other locations will have addresses and telephone numbers listed in your main business page. In addition, other locations will be considered a premium placement and placed ahead of free business listings. There is no additional charges.

if you have locations in other the cities:
If you wish to purchase Premium Merchant Placement Packages in other cities the cost is $40.00 per month for each city with the first two months billed at $20.00 per month. For example: Your business has locations in 5 cities, including surrounding areas. The monthly charge would be $200.00 per month with the first two months discounted at $100.00 per month.

Post your menu on your premium business listing. The cost is only $10.00 per month and you may change the menu once a month at no additional charge. There is no setup fee for this value package option.

For information regarding our Premium Merchant Placement packages contact:
Local Merchants Targeted Banner Ads
In addition to our Premium Merchant Placement Packages, offers a cost effective targeted banner advertising program. For additional details see Banner Advertising
And More to Come

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