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New Games - GamesGnome.com has a complete list of new video games being released this week.

Online Poker Articles  
Poker articles to sharpen your poker skills. Check out these featured Poker Sites
Caribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean stud poker was first played on Aruba near a pristine powder white beach not far from a high-class designer jewelry boutique.
Video Poker Hand Guide
So you want to play video poker. First, you're going to need to know what makes a hand. Sure, the video poker machines have paying hands on the display, but it's almost always the names of the hands.
Playing Ace-King
Of the thousands of different hands that a Hold 'em player can receive as their hole cards, there are only a few that really get their blood pumping.  One of them is Ace-King (AK). 
When To Double Down
So many times I'll see people with good double-down (DD) situations, and they simply hit instead of getting their money out there when they have the best of it.
Poker As A Career

With the popularity of poker as high as it is right now, the game is seeing more and more people who have crossed over from other careers to make playing poker their full-time occupation.  
Caribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker is a fun game to play, and it's very sociable. Online players have been "hooked" to this game thanks to generous progressive jackpot payouts.
Don't Get Typecast
A player's ability to change gears or alter his style of play from one hand to another is necessary in most styles of poker, but plays an even larger role during tournaments.
Focus, Focus, Focus!
I thought it perfectly acceptable to play a couple of poker games while chatting with friends online. It proved to be a big mistake, and it didn't take to long to figure out I had made a bad decision not to give all my attention to the game.
Poker Overkill

Televised poker has become so diluted that it is difficult to find the great players in action.  Too many television networks are hosting games and using less than credible players, all in an effort to join the poker boom.
Beating Video Poker
It is possible to make money playing Video Poker. The key to winning is knowing what machines to play and what strategy to use. I'm not talking about finding "hot" machines. Video Poker comes in various flavors and payout amounts.
Middle Pairs
There are a lot of tricky hands to play in Hold 'Em poker, but to me some of the hardest decisions come when you have a middle pair (anything from 6-6 to 10-10) as your hole cards.
Continuation Bets
When breaking down the difference between good poker players and poor ones, there might be a thousand various reasons why some people make money while others give it away. One technique that goes a long way in determining which players are grouped among the good, bad and the ugly is the continuation bet.
Heads Up
My new favorite poker game is heads up. This site has a great section for heads up poker action, and it really has made my game better.
Bad Streaks
What smart poker players know is that with the thousands of hands they play, they are going to run into bad streaks. The key is to not get too down on yourself and keep plugging away.
Patience & Position
Right about the fourth hour of my latest session at the poker table was enough to drive any man insane.  I was getting clobbered. Couldn't catch a cold, much less a hand, and I was getting irritated and impatient.
Going Live
After playing in scores of tournaments held at casinos and card rooms over the past year, I have encountered numerous online players making their first foray into a live event with actual players and dealers sitting across the table from them. 
Poker Optimism
The day is Friday, and the paychecks are in. And as much as we tell ourselves that we're going to do something constructive with the extra cash in our pockets, somehow we justify taking just a little out in order to gamble. Then we say one of the worst possible things a gambler can say to himself: "I can comfortably afford to lose this."
Bad Beat Story
After hearing my millionth bad beat story at the poker table the other day, I finally had enough. I shared with them the worst bad beat story I have ever seen, and it makes all of the other stories extremely lame.
Poker In College
The fact is that most male college students have probably lost some money playing online poker. And there are a lot who have made money and continue do so, which allows them to avoid taking a mind-numbing job at the campus library.
Poker Books
When it pertains to the cottage industries that have prospered from the recent poker boom, the one reaping the most from the game's wide-spread appeal is the book publishing business. Here is a look at some of the most notable poker books on the market.
Reading Opponents
There's truth to the fact that reading your opponent in poker is one of the most important, if not the most important, part of the game. But what happens when you read your opponent perfectly bet accordingly and still can't get your opponent off his hand?
Poker Tip Of Week: Re-Buy Tournaments
There is this scene midway through Fight Club where the two main characters (or should I say the one main character) discuss which celebrity they would fight if given the opportunity. Watching the scene, I couldn't help but think about which celebrities would be interesting to go heads up against at a card table.
Poker Friends
Playing poker with friends at a card table is not something I like to do, and there are several reasons for this.
Food Speaks
As a good rule of thumb, avoid eating at the poker table. The main issue with eating is not that it might lead to a mess, but players who eat at the table are prone to giving away significant tells.
Start Slow
e in poker could be the first one, and it could set the tone for the rest of the evening. That choice is what level of Texas Hold'em you want to play. There are obviously several, but don?t be lulled into a bigger game than you can handle just because you have visions of big pots.
Turbo Tournaments
With the ever-expanding popularity of online poker, there are now many different options a player has when looking to play in a tournament.
Think Before You Drink
There is a major decision you need to make before your next trip to a casino, card room or home game. Will the cup holder in front of you at the poker table be filled with a bottle of Corona or a bottle of Coca-Cola?
Poker Tip Of Week: Playing A Small Stack
While playing a big stack is great and makes you feel like a bully, most people are going to be playing a small stack more often than a big one. That's why knowing how to play one is crucial to staying alive and hopefully acquiring a big stack later in the tourney.
Mental Toughness
The most I have ever played at one sitting was 26 hours, and by the time I was done I didn't even know my own name. Fortunately I was in college, playing a $1-$2 table and didn't lose much money. 
Hold The Lies
The ability to be less than truthful is the foundation of any quality poker player. That's one reason playing poker is so gratifying. Even if you don't have the winning hand, you can still lie and bluff to victory.
Low To Medium Pocket Pairs
Low to medium pocket pairs. They're a lot like the remnants at the bottom of a Chips Ahoy bag. You like the taste of them, but you would certainly prefer sitting in front of something larger and a little more substantial.

BlackjackBlackjack: Single Deck vs. Multiple Deck
Question is what's the difference? And what's ultimately better for players, one-deck Blackjack or multi-deck? We investigate.
5 Really Bad Blackjack Blunders
What are the worst mistakes a Blackjack player can make? To ensure you don’t make any bad Blackjack blunders we give you the top five.
Blackjack Strategy and Rules: How to Pick the Right Table
Choosing a Blackjack table should be like choosing stock; because in the end you’re making an investment.
Blackjack Terms and Lingo
Well, fear not Blackjack experts, we’ve got some terminology for you to learn so you can finally find out if the other players at your table are talking trash about you.
Blackjack Strategy: Las Vegas vs. Atlantic City Rules
Each city comes with its own set of casino rules that can help or hurt players; especially when it comes to the universally popular game of blackjack.
Become a Professional Blackjack Player
To be a pro at blackjack you need to go beyond the basic strategy to advantage plays like counting or ace tracking. But it sure doesn't hurt to master the basics.
Playing Blackjack: Bring More Luck to the Table and Win
Blackjack isn’t simply a game of “close your eyes and pray”; there are elements of the game that make it one of the most strategic of all casino activities.
Blackjack - Opting For Insurance
Lots of people play blackjack but have no idea how insurance works. Periodically the dealer will ask you if you want make an insurance bet, and most people just say “no” without knowing what the bet offers. The concept is simple enough to understand once you see the numbers.
Blackjack History
The original game that blackjack evolved from was known as vingt-et-un and was played in France in the 1700’s. The game was not popular when it first came to the U.S. after the French Revolution, so local casinos started offering bonus payouts for certain hands in an attempt to draw more players to the game.
Online Blackjack Tournament Strategy
The game of blackjack offers players the best chance of beating the casino. The house starts with an advantage of roughly 0.5% vs. someone using basic strategy. However, while the online casinos take that one-half percent, they usually supply you with generous bonuses to play, giving you the mathematical advantage.
When To Double Down

So many times I'll see people with good double-down (DD) situations, and they simply hit instead of getting their money out there when they have the best of it. 
Super Blackjack Tips

Blackjack -- for many it's not just a game, it's a way of life. Blackjack was the casino game that really got the information products' ball rolling. It started many years ago, and no other game has spawned so many books, videos, classes and seminars. 
All About Blackjack

Just where did Blackjack come from? I'm sure that no one in the 18th century knew that this game, which was a modified version of "Ving-et-un" would become so popular.
Blackjack 'Bases'

I liked playing blackjack at "third base" long before I knew what it meant. The official definition: last player's seat to the dealer's right.
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