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Comic Art Submission Guidelines offers independent comic artists free services to help promote their work. Your work will be included in our upcoming site, a site devoted strictly to comic works. When you submit your comic work to, you get:

1) Space to post information about yourself (there is no word limitations!):

  • Biography
  • Art Influences
  • Awards
  • Reviews

2) Comic art may be a single panel or multiple panels. Ignome uses a slide show program for comic work with numerous panels.

3) No limit to the number of comic works you submit. 

4) Submit a video clip up to 15 minutes (optional). Sometimes words are not enough. A "interview style" video is a vied presentation to explain your comic art philosophies. Be creative! Hey, everyone can get their hands on a camcorder.

5) Up to 20 audio recordings (optional) . Each audio recording (WAV file) explains each comic art work or your art philosophy your own voice! Every computer (PC and Macs) have a feature that allows voice recordings, professional produced recording is not required.

6) One video up to 15 minutes in length. The video can be shoot on a camcorder, professional produced video is not required.

7) We will host your comic work and encode and stream your video and / or audio for no charge!!  

8) Have you published comic books ? Sell your books in our Artist Market Place. handles the credit card processing, customer service and shipping. You receive 70% of the published retail price. For more information, Click Here.  


  • All comic art genres are welcome.
  • Your optional video must be 15 minutes or less in length.
  • Comic art must have all clearances and rights for commercial distribution.
  • Comic art can be submitted as a GIF file on disk (1.44MB, CD-ROM or Zip) or on paper. For scanning purposes, please limit your comic work to 8" x 11" paper if submitted in this format. 
  • Video to be submitted on VHS (NTSC) tape or CD-ROM / Zip disk as uncompressed .AVI files.
  • Audio recordings to be submitted as WAV files on CD-ROM,  Zip or 1.44MB  disks.

Submission Procedures:

Step 1: Print Ignome's comic art submission form and comic art terms and service agreement*. Review and sign our comics terms and service agreement.

  • The comic art submission form is available HERE as an HTML page.You may submit   comic artist information ( biography, art influences info etc.) on a disk as a word document(.doc).
  • The comic art terms and service agreement is available HERE as an HTML page. Print the form. Review and sign the agreement.

    *Only one executed comic art terms and service agreement is required. If you have an agreement on file with ignome, no additional agreements are required to be submitted.  

Step 2: Submit your work to ignome.

  • Comic artist information and comic art terms and service agreement.
  • Comic art.
  • Mail to:
    Ignome Corporation
    Comics Submissions Dept.
    717 Belmont Ave E
    Suite 201
    Seattle, WA 98102

Submitted materials will not be returned, excluding books for sale.

After your work has been received, your information will be posted on our site. In addition, you will be sent a user name and password to update your page(s) via the internet.

For questions or information:


Comic Art Submission Frequently Asked Questions


And More to Come

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